Wah pedal mods

The Wahtz Wah Pedal Kit produces the classic Wah tone you've come to expect with a hint of extra bite and growl. True bypass switching ensures no loss of signal when the Wah effect is not engaged; and the long life potentiometer manufactured specifically for use in Wah pedals is included to provide years of smooth, quiet operation.

Point to point construction allows advanced kit builders to easily experiment with modifications to further tailor the tone to more individual tastes. The Wahtz Wah. Product Files. The Wahtz Wah - Instructions The Wahtz Wah - Schematic The Wahtz Wah - Troubleshooting Supplement Sound Samples.

wah pedal mods

Update Required To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin. Product Videos. Flo Guitar Enthusiasts Build. Wahtz Wah build overview and demonstration by Scott Sill. The Tone King's time lapse of building the Wahtz Wah guitar pedal, followed by a demo.

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wah pedal mods

Leave this field blank. This kit comes with a standard Dunlop mH inductor and you should be able to swap this out with a Fasel.

Report this answer. Answer this question.We can modify the following Wah pedals:. VA New Standard Vox.

Changing the tone of the GCB-95 Crybaby

V, and. V Clyde McCoy. Dunlop GCB. Zakk Wylde, and. Jerry Cantrell.

wah pedal mods

Crybaby Vol. We mainly deal with the warmer, analog pedals.

Modify Your Wah Pedal

We can perform the following modifications:. True Bypass. Wah pedals are notorious "tone suckers. This robs tone quality True bypass eliminates tone sucking!

We replace your old footswitch with a 3PDT. This allows us to rewire your wah in a way that allows the sound to travel around the circuitry. Your guitar's signal will now go into the input of your wah and straight out the output jack to your amp, or next effect pedal. Sweep Mod. Improves the EQ of the sweep. Makes it sound less thin and "trebly". Vocal Mod. Adds more vocal quality, makes it sound more like it wants to talk. Volume Boost Mod. Did you ever notice your volume level drops slightly when you swich to the wah effect?

Not anymore!This kit comes fully assembled, wired, and ready to install. Also works with many of the imported wah shells.

wah pedal mods

If you don't know what you have - just send me a pic and I'll let you know how to install it. We even have self adhesive mounts you can use if the screw holes don't line up. This kit is a GREAT way to re-purpose that old wah that doesn't work or volume pedal that's collecting dust. Why not make it into one of the best wahs ever? When I started making these back aroundit was based on the early Vox wahs that were made in Italy.

Over time, I made little improvements here and there. It evolved into what I feel is the best vintage inspired wah out there. It's the result of many years of improvement. InI started winding my own inductors in-house, and that just brought them to a whole new level. No push on "molex" connectors are used.

All connections are pre-soldered. Installation instructions are supplied. Included in the instructions: How to remove your old parts. Proper installation of the new jacks.

True Bypass Mods Instruction

This kit is VERY easy to install. Seriously - if you know which end of a screwdriver to hold, you should be able to handle this. Prewired DC Jack setup for both round and rectangular 2. How to order your custom kit - 1. Select the mounting type screws for most wah models, self adhesive mounts for the newer Vox VA and similar If you're not sure, contact me dan area51tone. Click "add to cart". If you'll be adding a dc jack circuit, LED, or buffer, click the appropriate add to cart button.

Cart contents can be modified at any time by using the view cart button. Choose jack type Round 2. So you're actually getting something even more vintage styled than what is shown in the picture.For a number of years, I was busy modifying wah pedals for friends and guitarists, mainly in and around Sweden.

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Most of the info is already shared on the other wah mod pages, of course, but here are the exact values I use for my wah mods. However, with those you will need to change sweep capacitor. The first part of the mod need not be repeated, as it is the basic true bypass mod as described in another post on this site. I make three main changes four if the pedal is one of the other ones mentioned earlier.

Crybaby GCB-95: How to mod your wah pedal

The component locations are marked in the picture click to enlarge it. But I always set them to the above mentioned values, as a starting point. If you want to use trimpots, here are the ones to get. All trimpots are the 10mm horizontal type, and the values etc are:. Also, in the pic to the right, the 68K input resistor has been replaced with a trimpot this time a K.

I always test it through an amp first, though, to see if I actually need to do this. The modifications The first part of the mod need not be repeated, as it is the basic true bypass mod as described in another post on this site. Vox VA and VThe wah pedal is turned off, in stock form it will change the sound of your guitar, by loading down your signal.

You will loose both the high end of the signal and it will also make your guitar less dynamic. This is particularly true for older wah pedals. Some newer pedals have buffers that help somewhat so the change is not as great. But I prefer the true bypass mod, which offers the most transparent sound when the effect is turned off. In your Whipple kit is included a 3PDT switch. You see there are 9 pins on the bottom of the switch.

They are rectangular in shape. When wiring turn the switch so it looks like navigate signs, not columns this way you will have the wires going to the correct pins.

This drawing shows how the switch works in each position. When wiring this switch for true bypass you will only need to use 6 of the 9 pins, The other 3 are for the LED, and are not used if you are not installing an LED.

Because there are many different models of wah pedals there are a few different versions of the wiring.

Wah Pedal 101 - Which Cry Baby is for me?

Most of these installs are fairly straight forward in terms of what goes where. The Green arrow is pointing to C9 which is a capacitor. The earlier versions this part looks a little different but the part is in the same spot.

You need to unsolder just one end of this cap, the side the arrow is pointing to. And then solder the wire to that freed end, as shown. D Dunlop Rev.Forgot your password? Ok, since this is the DIY forum, how about some of you effects modders sharing some of your ideas about mods to Wah's. I'm specifically looking for mods to the Dunlop Crybaby std. Upper left technology of Covers how they work, what does what, and a lot of other great stuff.

Hey i'm currently modding my crybaby too and you should really replace the 33k resistor by a 68k if you want a good improvement. I ordered a fasel inductor also I went the other way. My vox wah had a 68K input resistor, and I dropped it down to a 33K, AFTER I modded it for true bypass which is an easy and essential wah mod for any crybaby or vox wah.

After the bypass mod, there was a slight volume loss when the wah was engaged, so dropping the resistance on the input fixed that.

I modded mine to true bypass and installed a fultone pot. The pot really improved it, a lot. I also installed a power jack mine is from the 80's and had no external power jack. How does a Fasel inductor change the sound of a wah pedal? Are there different types? Who sells them?

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No clue who sells them, might be in the article. Support our friends over at DIYstompboxes and buy a fasel inductor from them; they have both yellow and red versions:. I've heard that these are relatively easy mods, just a matter of knowing where to go to get the info and parts. Why is it backwards, on ALL wah's? Because the first wah pedal I ever owned was a Royal Fuzz Wah and the treble sound was in the UP position, it just felt natural to lean back on the pedal and have the thing screamin'.

I miss that thing. Does modding a Vox V Reissue to be true-bypass require any external modifications to the casing? Can one easily tell it has been modded from the outside? Good idea, thanks. I've had a crybaby for years and have always been less than satisfied with the wweeeeeeeeooooooooo tone. I am looking for something a little less pronounced. What would I have to do to mod my wah pedal so that I could also use it as a volume pedal?

I rarely use it, so I'd be ok with just making it into a volume pedal - can I do that by wiring the jacks to the pot?

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Kind of rushed the job as the week-end was very full. I have to adjust the pot travel just a bit as its not quite in the "sweet spot".

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I know this thread is 2 years old, but, this site has the best mods i've ever seen; great pics and easy to understand, step-by-step instructions. I'm working on the "sweep mod", I need more treble.

I don't know if the cap values are backwards or I am, but I exchanged.Honestly I prefer the sweeter attack of the purple version but a lot of people like the standard version better. The box design will be like the G. Kloney Pedal but in a small size. But for a sweeter and less harsh high end, I suggest you order the Purple one. In case you like warmer tones. We have put in a lot of work during these last months but we got it. We are so happy!!!

We hope you enjoy the video clip as much as we do :. One of my favourite wah-wah pedals in the world, the Budah Wah vs my wah wah sound. After several modifications swapping different inductors, etc. I found what I was searching for. It really can sound as big as Budah does with an internal switch but. My advice, if you wanna cut in the mix, you should leave it as it is. One thing i really hate about Budah wah is its footswitch.

In a concert situation with other pedals such a distortion, od and compression pedalsyou can feel your self being embarassed as i did because the wah volume might causes a mess. This pedal sounds amazing and provides a volume control knob without altering its fantastic sound. If you want that genuine vintage wah-wah tone with all modern advantages, this is the ONE!!!!

You will be able to get Budda tones and much more. Video demos soon!! With our plexi mod, an inexpensive ds1 pedal can sound very similar to an ocd.