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Pitra Dosha Niwaran Report. Indian Rupee. In Vedic Astrology, the ninth house is the house of fortune in the birth chart. This house has great importance as this house also also governs the father and the manes.

If Sun and Rahu form conjunction in this house then Pitra Dosha is formed in the birth chart. As per Vedic scriptures, auspiciousness of that house will be removed where Sun and Rahu are placed together.

As per Vedic seers, this yoga is formed according to the sins of previous birth. Pitru Dosha has many adverse effects like childlessness, joblessness, professional stagnation, family conflicts and prolonged illness. Pitra Dosha is formed if anyone in the family dies unnatural death.

It can also happen if family members do not offer water and food to their manes or do not remember their manes during the spiritual activities. Pitra Dosha also occurs if any family member kills a cow or destroys a foetus in the womb. The ninth house is the house of father and forefathers.

Sun as a Karaka planet of father is also the Karaka planet of progress, age, promotion and spirituality. If this Yoga is present in the the birth chart, the person gets delayed support of his luck and has to struggle a lot to achieve even the slightest of success.

Pitra Dosha exists if children are falling sick repeatedly. Premature Baby birth and innumerable death of children after birth or prenatal birth. Pitra Dosh can be a major factor behind a problem in conceiving the child, i. Pitru Dosha is found if only a girl child is conceived repeatedly. Pitru Dosha causes quarrels among family members without any reasonable reason. If a native has a Pitra Dosha then the educational and career growth is obstructed.

When Pitru Dosh occus the family doesn't grow and faces many problems repeatedly. Pitra Dosha is found in the chart of the native who is physically and mentally handicapped or may have such affliction. Autism, Depression etc.

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Pitra Dosh results in an inability to get married without any reason, though well qualified. Very good earning.

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Pitra Dosha causes Marital disharmony. Students with pitra dosha in their charts have a tendency of going blank in examinations despite being well prepared for them.

Pitra dosha causes repeated loss of job or unexpexted changes in job. A family afflicted with Pitra dosh suffers the death of children in their childhood i. Shaant Pitra: These are those who become Pitra after death but are out of the human issues. They believe in God and do not care if they are worshiped or not.

These Pitra are involved into "Bhajans" and "Satsang". Ashaant Pitra: These are those who are dead but are still attached with their family emotionally. They want the same respect and care as the other family members get. They are very effective in giving results and once happy they can bless their successors with success of all kinds. Pitra are the key to family success.

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Pitra are essential part of family even after death.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Welcome to computer generated free horoscope service by RockingBaba.

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In easy terms, Kundli is a detailed presentation of planetary positions during the time of birth. It takes in to account the date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. Apart from planetary placements a Kundli also contains Dasha system, other divisional charts and Nakshatra system. This software is designed to provide you an overview of your horoscope.

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Now Click on the Given button. Hindu astrology says that Mangal Dosha occurs when Mars comes in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house in the ascendant chart Chandal dosh is the combination of Jupiter and rahu or ketu in the natal chart. Chandal dosh is also known as guru chandal The word itself decode its meaning that is, Pitra — forefathers. Any person whose forefathers have committed any crime, mistakes or sins This dosha is very dangerous and inauspicious When a child is born, the period and position of the moon tells his moon sign.

The sign and its lord depending upon its nature, characteristics A person born under the natal moon in any one of the six nakshatras then the person becomes the native of gand mool dosha.

pitra dosha check online free

There are Angarak dosha is formed when Rahu and Mars conjunct in any house in the kundali. This dosha gives its adverse and harmful effects If in your birth chart, moon is in the place where there is no planet on either sides, this formation is called as Kemdrum Yoga If the 2nd, 11th, 5th and 9th houses join together with their respective Lords, the Yoga formed is the source of wealth, earning Pret Badha definitely happens to those who have specific conditions in the natal chart.

When such conditions found in the natal chart the person feel Panch Mahapurush Yoga is formed out of five tara grahas with specific positions at the time of birth. The planetary combinations can be Gemstone calculator will give you precise and important information regarding which gemstone you should wear. This calculator will give Naag dosha also known as Sarpa dosha is different from Kaal Sarp Dosha in many ways. The Dosha happens due to rage and extreme anger The different associations of planets and houses form Moksha Yoga.

The 5th house represents soul and power of the mind. The 9th house Saturn transiting through 12th house to the 2nd house arises Shani Sade Sati. This time period is of 7.

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Rudraksha is said to be an embodiment of Lord Shiva himself on this planet. Most of the people do not know how and which one is the right rudrakshaPitra dosh in kundli how to find: Pitra means father. In Hindu Vedic astrology sun is karaka for father. If the sun is placed in 9 th or 9 th house afflicted by natural malefic or lagna malefic.

Rahu conjunction with or 9 th lord will be considered pitra dosha some times. The 5th house lord is either being associated with malefic planets or staying in a malefic house. Your manes will get satisfied if you will do Pinddaan, worship and Tarpana on the date of death of manes in the Krishna Paksha of Ashwini month with sesame, couch grass, flowers, raw rice and Ganga water or pure water.

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After that, offer food, clothes, fruits and donation to the Brahmins to pacify your manes. This year, Amavasya day of Ashwini month will fall on 07th October. If the person will worship the Peepal tree then Pitra will be removed. You can also offer food and clothes to Brahmins on every Amavasya to reduce negativity of Pitra Dosha. On every Amavasya, put Kheer in the ash of cow dung cake and recall your manes in the south direction and apologize for your mistakes and Karmas.

It is one of the beneficial remedies. Give respect your father and other senior members of family and take their blessings to strengthen the position of Sun. Stand on a mat and look at the Sun during Sunrise, chant Gayatri Mantra to strengthen the position of Sun in your horoscope.

Wearing ruby could increase the strength of the Sun, but it depends on the position of Sun in the horoscope. Pitra dosha calculator: Pitra dosha calculator will check based horoscope online with your date of birth detail.

Enter your date of birth get the instant report. Skip to content Please fill all the fields with valid data. Full name. Select Country.

pitra dosha check online free

Gender Male Female. There are basically three types of Pitra Dosha Pithru Dosham. Failure to look after the aged peoples and leaving them to fend for themselves. Pitra dosha effects: 1. It could delay the marriage. It could scuttle the successful married life. There could be unsuccessful or failed marriage in the same family. There could be more number of bachelors in the same family.

It could forbid the conceiving of the children. It could lead to miscarriages during the conceiving. There could be physically and mentally disabled person. There could be unnatural deaths. There could be robbery, fire or accidents in the house. The 5th house lord gets debilitated or weakened. The presence of debilitated planets in the 5th house. The 5th house lord is weakened at Navamsa chart.

The 5th house lord is getting affected by Thithi Sunyam. Aditya HrudayamRavi Graha Shanti etc.He is very accurate and on to the point. He will make sure all your questions are answered and upto your satisfaction and is totally friendly.

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pitra dosha check online free

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He has in-depth knowledge and command on astrology. He gave detailed description about my personality and my past, both of which are very accurate. Thanks to Mr. I give 5-star rating and recommend RVA to everyone. Marriage Matching.Are you suffering from losses in business at an old age?

Have you lost or were robbed of gold ornaments? Are your kids facing health issues regularly? Are you not able to give a successful interview? Not able to get the proper result of hard work? Are you not able to save for your future? A prolonged disease is passing in the family? If these are the problems which disturb you, then you might suffer from Pitra Dosh. Pitru dosha is the dosha or suffering that occurs due to the wrongdoings of our ancestors. The offsprings have to suffer for the doings of our grandfathers and forefathers.

The ninth house is seen as the house of the father, forefathers and ancestors. And it is now the duty of this generation to either complete it or suffer from it. First one is the dosh that occurs when the departed souls curse their own family because they have not done their yearly ancestral duties wholeheartedly. Some basic requirements were not fulfilled. Second is the dosh that occurs when an outsider curses the ancestors and the curse continues in the family. The third is when you cannot take care of the old members for your family and leave them on their own without giving them food and water.

If there are many ill effects of the curse of ancestors, there are also ways to correct these faults. The best remedy is to offer food and water to brahmins during the period of 15 days of Shradh.

During this time, the souls of our ancestors are free to visit the Shradh ceremonies being performed by their children. Besides, brahmins should also be fed on the death anniversary of the departed soul. On these days, most preferably family members should try to prepare a meal that was coveted by the departed soul. There are many other remedies to get relief from this dosha. These are:.Icons Facebook Pages. Useful Tips on Panchang.

Mars is the cruelest planet afflicting the birth horoscope of a person. If placed unfavorably, Mars is the most damaging planet for the married life. Mars positioned in first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house in a Kundali creates Mangal Dosha.

Mangal Dosha should be checked not only in Lagna chart but also in Moon chart and Venus chart. A person is Non-Manglik only if none of the three charts is afflicted by Mars. The person having Mangal Dosha is known as Manglik. Birth State:. Birth Country:. Select Continent Select Area.

Pitra Dosha

Time Zone Offset:. Raman Krishnamurthy Without Ayanamsha. Mangal Dosha Calculator. Please wait North Indian astrologers don't consider second house while evaluating Mangal Dosha while South Indian astrologers don't consider first house while evaluating Mangal Dosha in a birth horoscope. However, there is consensus that both houses should be considered while evaluating Mangal Dosha and Drik Panchang considers first as well as second house while evaluating Mangal Dosha.

Many Kundalis have Mangal Dosha but in most of them Dosha is cancelled due to various combinations of Mars and other planets including state and house position of Mars and other planets in the horoscope.

If Mangal Dosha is present then all combinations which nullify it should be looked into. There are many rules which cancel Mangal Dosha.

Drik Panchang considers the most widely accepted rules which cancel Mangal Dosha. Other links related to Kundali. Janma Lagna Calculator know your Lagna at the time of the birth. Search Drik Panchang. Drik Panchang and the Panditji Logo are registered trademarks of drikpanchang.